Introducing a diverse and comprehensive
range of UK provenance wildflower mixtures

that create, restore and enhance
distinct habitats and landscapes

FloraNative Collection

Wildflowers 20/80

  • Traditional mixtures containing 20% wildflowers and 80% grasses
  • Mixes for a diverse range of ecological habitats
  • Restore, create and enhance the landscape

Natural Meadows

  • Gentle grassland mixtures containing 95% grasses and 5% wildflowers
  • Grasses provide texture and attractive seed heads
  • Pastel shades of wildflowers provide a glimpse of colour and added interested

Wildflowers 100%

  • Ideal where a diversity and abundance of wildflowers would enhance the landscape
  • Restores bio-diversity
  • Creates swaths of colour in established grassland
  • Ideal where there is already a competitive seed bank of grasses

Specialist Grasses 100%

  • Companion sowing with 100% wildflower mixtures
  • Ideal for specific soil types and environmental influences
  • Habitat restoration
  • Soil stabilisation




Rigby Taylor
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BALI      Headline Sponsor of the BALI National Landscape Awards 2009-2014
FloraNative examples


Flora Native

The FloraNative range has been developed to encompass landscape architects specifications for areas such as local authority green spaces, highways, country parks and estates, solar parks, greenroofs, moorland and golf courses.

A full range of wildflower and grass mixtures are available, together with bulbs, plug plants and wildflower turf, and can be selected for sowing or planting in soils ranging for acid to alkaline, costal to clay and wetland to woodland. Many of the flowering species are selected from the RHS 'Perfect for Pollinators' list.