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Barclaycard Business (formerly Company Barclaycard) is the leading issuer of the Government Procurement Card (GPC Visa) and understands the dynamic needs of the Public Sector. We provide expert implementation, delivery and relationship support setting up the most appropriate systems and ensuring they work effectively. With over 30 years of experience in managing commercial card programmes you will be dealing with an established and respected expert.

Why Use Barclaycard Business?

For further information, please contact Barclaycard Business on 01604 254 661.

Or simply to check your eligibility, contact OGCbuying.solutions on 08070 268 2222.

Or click here to visit our website.

Barclaycard Business is committed to ensuring your suppliers of choice are able to accept and provide the level of electronic data you require. The identification of suppliers that already accept GPC Visa and the recruitment of preferred suppliers is fundamental to the success of a GPC Visa programme.

Barclaycard Business truly delivers on its goals - evidence already substantiates the huge cost savings possible. Investment in time and resource to successfully implement a GPC Visa programme is fully supported by both OGCbs and Barclaycard Business.

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