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Government Procurement Card

'The Government Procurement Card has the advantage over cash or cheques in that it can provide a clear audit trail through reporting.'
Scottish Executive
  'A major driver in adopting the Government Procurement Card was to reduce the contract administration and preparation time in placing any order - savings were identified ranging from 67% to 91%..'

The Government Procurement Card (GPC Visa) is approved by the National Audit Office and has already delivered over £470 million of savings to the taxpayer.

Just the facts

  • Launched in 1997 following a fully compliant tender process
  • One of the easiest ways for the public sector to meet its efficiency targets
  • More than 840 active programmes
  • Over 104,000 GPC Visa cardholders
  • 13 million transactions since 1997
  • Spend on GPC Visa to date exceeds £2.5 billion
  • Savings to date in excess of £470 million
  • 39 million sheets of A4 paper saved
  • 22% of GPC Visa spend is now on travel
  • National Audio Office says that on average £28 is saved on each transaction when compared with traditional paper based systems.

The office of Government Commerce (OGC) awarded a competitively tendered OJEC contract eliminating this time-consuming task for you. The OGC framework contract is let until the end of January 2010 and includes:

  • free core services
  • no card fees
  • no transaction fees.

GPC Visa empowers staff to make direct purchases, whilst maintaining accountability and facilitating delegated spending authorities. Individual spending limits - per month and per transaction - can be set for every cardholder. Restrictions can also be placed on the type of purchase allowed by selecting specific expenditure groups, for example stationery and office supplies but not travel or accommodation.

A GPC Visa solution is not only an enabler of procurement, it also provides a wealth of information. This ranges from monthly statements that include expenditure broken down by the type of purchase (trade category groups) or foreign transactions stated in both the local currency and sterling, to management information delivered in a format that suits you.

Such information allows the analysis of expenditure at cardholders, cost centre department or cluster level, so cashflow planning becomes a simple exercise. Tracking expenditure is easy and the value of individual suppliers can be quickly assessed. Data can be delivered in an electronic format, ready to interface directly into your general ledger, saving valuable input time when compared with traditional paper-based systems.

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* Calculated using the NAO approved figure of £28 per transaction.
** Paper savings based upon 10 pieces of A4 paper per transaction.
Source: Facts and figures from the 2006 GPC Visa Annual Report.

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