Enviromat Benefits


What is Enviromat?

Enviromat is a living carpet of sedum plants for outdoor use and one of the lowest maintenance garden products available in the UK.

Grown on to a special matting for strength, versatility and easy installation, Enviromat comes complete with mature sedum plants already established in a life-times supply of growing medium.

Enviromat includes a varied mix of flowering sedum plants for all year round colour and texture.  With Enviromat there is no need for mowing or deadheading.

Enviromat can help attract wildlife to a location and is suitable for numerous applications including:

  1. sedum roofs for sheds, summerhouses or stables 
  2. an alternative to an ornamental grass lawn
  3. planters
  4. pond surrounds
  5. sedum mat banks
  6. borders
  7. topiary

Plant Species in Enviromat

S. album      White Stonecrop
S. kamtschaticum    Gold Sedum 
S. pulchellum   Widow's Cross
S.reflexum   Crooked Yellow Stonecrop
S. spurium   Two-row stonecrop
S. sexangulare    Tasteless stonecrop
S. acre   Biting stonecrop
Saxifragia granulata   Meadow Saxifrage

Benefits of Enviromat

Bee HiveGreen plants can help to minimise the damage done to our environment by modern lifestyles. Enviromat brings all the benefits of green plants to places that might otherwise remain bare but it has hardly any impact on the way we live our lives.

Attracts Wildlife

Drought Tolerant

Low Maintenance

Absorbs Carbon Dioxide

Filters dust and pollutants from the air

Find out more about sedum plants

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