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Who we are

old photoOur 150 years of lift industry experience is virtually unsurpassed. In 1867, Joseph Stannah began making lifts to move ships' cargo and today we are the UK’s largest independent lift manufacturer. Our ethical family business continues to prosper and expand whilst staying true to the values that have been pivotal to our quiet success.

At Stannah, we are happy to work with our Local Authority clients in whichever way suits them best. From individual quotes to local authority and framework contracts, our dedicated teams will ensure consistently high levels of customer service.

What we do

Put simply, we enable the efficient movement of people and goods in every type of building application.

A wide range of lift products

We offer a wide product choice from step lifts to platform lifts, passenger lifts, loading systems, escalators and moving walkways - for projects large and small. When it comes to moving goods, we cover everything from small kitchen lifts to much larger, heavy-duty goods lifts. We supply and install bespoke products for major construction projects nationwide, look after lift portfolios, such as Network Rail, and our Major Projects team plans and manages large multi-product sites. To date Stannah have installed over 50,000 lifts.


Servicing, refurbishment and modernisation for all lift products

Lifts, as with all machinery, require regular servicing. If you own or occupy premises in which there is a lift, you and/or your company are responsible, under The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, for maintaining your lift in good and safe working order. If your lift is in a workplace you also have an obligation to have the lift thoroughly examined regularly by a competent person, who will inspect the lift with a view to safety, and should advise you of any defects. .  Stannah Lift Services has plenty of experience to assist you with the maintenance of your lifts. In addition to lift maintenance, we can advise you on matters such as health and safety.

Preventative maintenance will help to keep your lift in optimum condition, leading to fewer breakdowns, a more reliable lift and, in the medium to long term, lower running costs. A refurbishment or modernisation can help extend the product life of lift equipment and our aim with any refurbishment or modernisation is to reduce the risk of lift failure, making them safer and more comfortable for everyone who travels within them. When the time comes to replace, modernise or refurbish your existing lift we can take care of that too.

Working through a national network of service branches, over 300 lift service engineers look after over 90,000 lifts 24/7, 365 days a year – both our own products and those from other manufacturers. We are happy to arrange bulk order contracts and have many in place with hotel chains, leisure complexes and local councils. Alternatively, if a national contract covering multiple sites across the UK is required, this is something we are more than happy to provide

Throughout all of our work, we deliver our brand promise to be ‘always true to our word’.

How we can help

With nearly 50,000 installations across the UK and over 90,000 units on our service portfolio, Stannah offer a wide range of lift solutions and services to move people and goods. Take a look at our product range or simply get in touch.

Passenger lifts / Platform lifts / Goods lifts / Service lifts/ Escalators / Moving walkways / Loading Systems / Lift servicing, repair and modernisation – all at


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