At Vax Commercial, we know the importance of caring for your work environment, which is why we offer a range of high performance, versatile machines and cleaning chemicals to help you do just that. Our product portfolio includes vacuum cleaners, upright and compact carpet washers, scrubber dryers, steam cleaners and sweepers – and that is just the start of our on-going product innovation programme.

Scrubber Dryersscrubber

With Vax Commercial cordless and mains-powered scrubber dryers, you can achieve brilliantly clean hard floors. Covering up to 3250m²/hour, Vax Commercial scrubber dryers are ideal for fast, efficient hard floor cleaning.

For example the VCSD-02 Scrubber Dryer pictured on the right is a compact battery-powered scrubber dryer washes, scrubs and dries in one swift movement for brilliantly clean floors. Simple to use and maintain thanks to the easy change squeegee blades, the Vax Commercial VCSD-02 also has excellent water pick up, even when turning the tightest corners. With one hour run time and coverage of 1250m2/hr, the VCSD-02 is perfect for fast cleaning of small to medium hard floor areas.

Hard Floor Sweepers

Vax Commercial sweepers are ideal collecting dirt, debris and rubbish in large areas such as warehouses and outdoor pavements and carparks.

The Vax Commercial VCS-01 cordless hard floor sweeper is ideal for cleaning large outdoor or warehouse areas without stopping. It's cordless and has no motor or battery for total freedom while cleaning. The wide cleaning path covers large areas quickly and the large 25L dirt bin means you can clean further without emptying. With no assembly it's easy to set up, use and store away - the ideal solution for sweeping rubbish and debris indoors and out.

hard floor cleaner Hard Floor Washers

No more spreading dirty water - Vax Commercial cordless hard floor washers scrub, wash and pick up dirty water to leave floors clean and instantly dry, fast.

VCSD-03 Cordless Hard Floor Spot Washer
If only there was a machine that had all the convenience of just picking up a mop and bucket. Now there is: meet the VCSD-03 cordless hard floor spot washer. It scrubs and sucks up dirty water as it cleans without spreading it around the floor. It leaves floors instantly dry. And it has no cord to plug in or trip over. Is this the end of the mop?

rotary_cleanerRotary Cleaners

For brilliant results on hard floors, Vax Commercial rotary cleaners are ideal for polishing many types of hard floors, both natural and treated with metallic waxes. These high performance commercial rotary cleaners help to ensure your environment delivers positive first impressions.

VCR-02 High Speed Rotary Cleaner
Ideal for polishing and cleaning any type of floor, both natural or treated metallic waxes, the Vax Commercial VCR-02 is a high performance, high speed rotary cleaner. The induction motor and planetary gearbox are very low maintenance and deliver excellent performance across different hard floor surfaces.

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